Ericsson Suing Samsung for Patent Infringement

Fresh off a courtroom beatdown at the hands of Apple over patent infringement charges, Samsung is now being sued by Ericsson for similar alleged offenses. The Sweden-based company filed suit against Samsung Tuesday in a U.S. District Court in Texas. Ericsson’s suit accuses the South Korea-based

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Adaptive Learning: Why Your Kids Will Be Smarter Than You

‘Education is a big problem,’ says Knewton CEO Jose Ferreira. He’s spent his whole life in the education space, starting at Kaplan in 1991. He tried to bring adaptive learning to Kaplan in 1993, but it was hard to do so in a brick-and-mortar situation, an environment in which few people even had

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Businessweek Ranks Schools on Girls’ Hotness

Why did Businessweek think it was a good idea to poll its users about which college campuses have the hottest female students? Easy: It has done it before and no one noticed. This year, however, coming just after an election season full of heated debate over the “war on women,” Businessweek’s

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