Piers Morgan Facing Twitter Backlash Over Interview With Trans Woman

Journalist Piers Morgan attends the 2013 CNN Heroes at the American Museum of Natural History on Nov. 19, 2013 in New York City.Image: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Yesterday, transgender woman and writer Janet Mock was excited for her interview with Piers Morgan Live on CNN.

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Biotech Company Claims To Have Successfully Used Gene Therapy In Attempt To Reverse Aging

In what they are claiming is a world first, biotech company BioViva hasannounced that they have used gene therapy to lengthen the caps on the end of DNA known as telomeres in the CEO of their company, Elizabeth Parrish. Implicated in the aging process, telomeres protect the DNA.BioViva claims

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This Is The Area Of Solar Panels It Would Take To Power The World, Europe, And Germany

Spoiler: It’s not very big. View this image ‘ Via dlr.de This image, which has gone viral on Tumblr, comes from ‘Eco-balance of a Solar Electricity Transmission from North Africa to Europe’, a diploma thesis by Nadine May at the Techniucal University of Braunschweig. As the thesis shows,

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