The miracle of technology: Watch Alexa try to give porn to this kid

We’re not exactly sure what this child is asking for when he says, “Alexa, play ‘Digger digger,'” but we’re almost positive it’s not porn. Regardless, Amazon’s personal assistant reached back through her algorithmic server banks, scanned the child’s budding language and, through the miracle of

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75 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

The holiday season is just around the corner – the “season of giving.” Well, let’s call this the “season of buying” because before all that giving happens, you’ll have to find gifts for all those special someones in your life. At Mashable, we’re constantly writing about the newest and coolest

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NationBuilder Makes ‘Largest Deal Ever Struck in Political Technology’

NationBuilder, a service that provides state-of-the-art digital organizing technology to almost any political campaign, has made what the company’s president called “probably the largest deal ever struck in political technology” in terms of the number of elections it can potentially impact. The

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